Moscow. 27 August 2019. Glamour and and excitement marked the opening of Russia’s Airshow MAKS 2019 when Russian President Vladimir Putin formally inaugurated it. Addressing the exhibitors and guests , Putin said, “We are interested in MAKS development. For the 14th time already, it gathers people who are not indifferent to aviation and harmoniously combines science and a colorful show”.

At the end of the opening ceremony, he toured the exhibition . MAKS-2019 is a showcase of new products both Russian and global . Today the cynosure of all eyes was the MC-21 medium-haul passenger jet. Three prototypes are demonstrated at the exhibition, one of which takes part in the flight program. Another aircraft equipped with a passenger cabin is presented at a static display. For the first time in the framework of MAKS, a Su-57 fighter of the fifth generation is demonstrated at the static parking lot.

Russia's Airshow MAKS 2019

The exhibition infrastructure has been prepared for a full-scale demonstration of the latest developments of both domestic and foreign aircraft builders. Thus, for example, a separate pavilion has been constructed to display the products of the Chinese aerospace companies, and a model of the Russian-Chinese wide-body long-haul aircraft is presented next to it.

Rosoboronexport has invited 120 delegations from 65 countries to MAKS-2019. “MAKS has become the main platform for demonstration of new Russian military aircraft. Traditionally, the salon serves as a starting point for many important negotiations on the supply of airplanes, helicopters, air defense systems and complexes, as well as joint projects in these areas. The year 2019 will not be an exception,” said Sergey Chemezov, Rostec CEO.

As part of MAKS-2019, Rosoboronexport specialists are planning to negotiate with more than 40 foreign delegations led by defense ministers, air force and air defense commanders, chiefs of general staff and their deputies. The representatives of the partner companies will be provided with familiarization flights of MiG-35, Yak-130 and Su-30SM aircraft, as well as multi-purpose Mi-38 helicopters.

Russia's Airshow MAKS 2019

“Rosoboronexport will host more than 50 presentations of products for the Air Force and about 30 air defense systems for foreign customers. Rosoboronexport is presenting more than 160 samples of military products mainly for the Air Force and Air Defense at its stand in pavilion F2. A novelty for international exhibitions of armament and military equipment is a large-scale kinetic installation demonstrating multipurpose fighters Su-35 and MiG-35, military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90AE, multipurpose helicopter Mi-38, unmanned aerial vehicles “Orlan-10E” and SAM “Viking”. For the first time, MAKS is hosting presentations of the IL-78MK-90A refueling aircraft and IL-112VE light military transport aircraft, as well as upgraded Mi-28NE and Mi-171Sh helicopters for special and anti-terrorist operations.

The stand of Rosoboronexport is showcasing the models of Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Mi-28NE combat helicopter, Ka-52 combat reconnaissance and shock helicopter, Ka-31 radar patrol helicopter, Pantsir-S1 Anti-aircraft Missile Cannon Complex, Buk-M2E and Tor-M2KM SAMs with combat and technical means in modular design. The static display features full-scale samples of Su-57, MiG-35, Su-35S, Su-34, Su-30SME, Yak-130 and Yak-152 aircraft.

Russia's Airshow MAKS 2019

“On the fields of MAKS-2019, the company will sign a cooperation agreement between Rosoboronexport and the Government of the Yaroslavl Region, whose regional branch of the Union of Machine-Builders is supervised by the CEO of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev. “Rosoboronexport is critically important for constructive and trusting relations with Russian defense enterprises and the regions in which they operate,” he stressed.

“MAKS is without exaggeration the key event in the business calendar for the entire aviation industry and for Rostec. This year we are demonstrating more than 250 samples of equipment, including 40 novelties – planes, helicopters, communication facilities, avionics and many others. It is also planned to hold a number of significant negotiations and sign agreements in the sphere of creation of new models of equipment and supplies of our products”, – said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

Russia's Airshow MAKS 2019

All key holdings and enterprises of the Rostec State Corporation take part in MAKS-2019. These include the United Aircraft Corporation, United Engine Corporation, Russian Helicopters, Techmash, Shwabe, Roselektronika, Avtomatika Concern, Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern, Technodynamics Concern, and others. The forum will also be attended by Rosoboronexport, a state special exporter, which is a part of the State Corporation. The exposition of the state corporation’s enterprises will be located in pavilions C2, F2 and F3, as well as in static parking lots. During the Airshow, representatives of the State Corporation will take part in the forum’s business program and sign a number of agreements with both Russian and foreign partners.

The main event of MAKS-2019 will be the premiere of the MC-21-300 medium-haul aircraft, created by the United Aircraft Corporation. The novelty will be shown both at the static parking lot and in the flight show. A model of the fuselage of the Russian-Chinese CR929 aircraft will also be presented at the air show. Another new feature of the Airshow is the first public demonstration of the new Russian fuel tanker IL-78M-90A.

A number of novelties for civil purposes will be presented by Russian Helicopters Holding Company. For the first time, the Ansat helicopter will be presented with a salon made in the style of the Aurus brand. For the first time at MAKS the first mass-produced Mi-38 helicopter will be shown in VIP configuration. For the first time, the newest medium multipurpose Ka-62 helicopter will take part in the Forum’s flight program.

MC-21 aircraft

At the MAKS Airshow, the PD-14 aircraft engine for the MC-21 aircraft, created by the United Engine Corporation, will be presented. The engine has already received a certificate of type from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation).

Among the military premiers there is a Su-57 fifth-generation fighter, which will be demonstrated to the public for the first time at the static display of the Airshow and will also take part in the flight program. This is a fifth-generation multifunctional complex designed to perform a wide range of combat missions on air, land and sea targets.

Airbus Beluga

The enterprises of the aviation cluster of Rostec State Corporation will also present the latest systems and components for existing and prospective aircraft, as well as a wide range of avionics products at the air show. The exposition of the radio-electronic cluster will feature new computing systems and data storage systems, airfield equipment, optical systems, communication facilities, radar stations and other products.