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army day 2022

Posts published in “Bombay Sappers turns 200”

Bombay Sappers turns 200 today

Bicentenary Commemoration Parade  enthrals all By Brig Vijay Atray ( Retd .) Pune. 01 February 2020. It is a day in the life time of…

Bombay Sappers Bicentennial Cycling Expedition

By Brig Vijay Atray (Retd.) New Delhi. 24 January 2020. Bombay Sappers has organized a relay cycling race from Delhi to Pune to commemorate 200…

Bombay Sappers face China & Pakistan in the 60s

Chinese Aggression 1962 The Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950 should have come as no surprise to the Indian Government  as  the Chiang Kai Shek…