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Is China Responsible For Creation And Spread Of Coronavirus?

Do we still need to ask? By Jai Kumar Verma New Delhi. 29 March 2020. There are evidences that China calculatingly covered up the outbreak of coronavirus inRead more ›

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Tackling sea piracy in Straits of Malacca in COVOD-19 times

By Suresh Somu Jakarta, Indonesia. 27 March 2020. Don’t keep your regional eyes just on the serious Covid-19 as on the high seas, along the Straits of Malacca,Read more ›

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$5 trillion economy target can be achieved through increased private sector participation in defence manufacturing, says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Sets defence export target at $5 billion in next five years Aims to double Aeronautics Industry to Rs 60,000 crore by 2024 New Delhi. 09 March 2020. Rajnath SinghRead more ›

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Jet Set Go with Kanika Tekriwal into the world of private charters

By Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. Real leaders don’t follow, they lead. It is hard , it is  a lot of work but you get to do what youRead more ›

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US-Taliban sign the Afghanistan peace agreement

New Delhi. 29 February 2020. The wait got over and an agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized byRead more ›

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Pakistan’s lobbying failed: Remains in FATF’s ‘Grey list’

But still did not come into the black list By Jai Kumar Verma New Delhi. 22 February 2020. The recently concluded plenary session of Financial Action Task ForceRead more ›

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Time stands still at Nicosia’s No Man’s Land

Cyprus’ divided capital has the longest existing UN post By Chaitali Bag Larnaca, Cyprus. 18 February 2020. Deserted buildings , bullet holes on the walls, screaming silence andRead more ›

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Srilanka’s Prime Minister Rajapaksa calls India a relation while other countries “friends”

By Jai Kumar Verma New Delhi. 16 February 2020. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa told to an Indian newspaper during an interview that other countries areRead more ›

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A Comparative Analysis of Major Destroyer-classes of the Chinese, American and Indian Navies

By Divyam Nandrajog New York. 11 February 2020. With increasing discussion of the rate of Chinese shipbuilding and the recent launches of major naval platforms, a dis -aggregationRead more ›

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Pakistan is exploiting the rivalry between Turkey and Saudi Arabia

By Jai Kumar Verma New Delhi. 30 January 2020. Saudi Arabia with the help of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is dominating the Islamic world. Both the countries are controllingRead more ›

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