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Winds of change sweep Bhutan : DNT wins by large margin

By Brig. VK Atray Thimphu. 19 October 2018. Taking off from where I left yesterday-the results of the National Assembly of Bhutan elections were announced late night. WinningRead more ›

Cross Border terrorism results in suspension of India-Pakistan Dialogue

By JK Varma India cancels Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers meet Glorification of terrorists by Pakistani government New Delhi. 26 September 2018. India cancelled the resumption of talks with PakistanRead more ›

India’s RAW turns 50

By Brig. VK Atray & Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. 21 September 2018. The day dawned  like any other day  today and silently the organisation which has the mostRead more ›

Path-breaking 2+2 dialogue: India US sign COMCASA 

By J K Verma New Delhi. 06 September 2018. Once again US reaffirmed the strategic importance of India’s designation as a Major Defense Partner (MDP) of the UnitedRead more ›

Imran Khan takes over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan

• Difficult innings for ‘Kaptan sahib’ • Imran is in no position to formulate policy towards India By JK Verma New Delhi. 18 August 2018. Imran Khan ChiefRead more ›

Repealing of Article 35A is one of the ways ahead in Kashmir

By J.K.Verma New Delhi. 08 August 2018. It is the hottest debate in the country at the moment making the earlier uninitiated millions now experts on the problemRead more ›

Salute To Soldiers

Martyrdom Day for 34 RR

Remembering Major Dinesh Raghu Raman & Major K P Vinay New Delhi. 02 October 2018. Young officers have always lead from the front and as we go backRead more ›

From Managing Editor's Pen

ADU welcomes 2018 with a big thank you

New Delhi. 01January 2018. Yet another year has passed since the inception of ADU .It is thus time for a critique and set pace for the year to come.Read more ›