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Rolls-Royce building partnerships at Aero India 2019

Louise Donaghey Senior Vice President, India & South Asia, Rolls-Royce In Conversation With ADU Regarding The Vision Of Rolls Royce. (Transcribed Video) The Rolls Royce has a long and richRead more ›

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UK shares a deep industrial relationship with India

Ms. Fleur Thomas, head exports, Ministry of Defence, UK speaking about two way street to Brig. Atray at Aero India. (Transcribed Video) ADU: We have with us Fleur Thomas fromRead more ›

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Aero India is an excellent opportunity for UK industry

Sir Dominic Asquith, High Commissioner UK In India Interviewed By ADU At Aero India. (Transcribed Video) ADU: Sir Dominic, the High commissioner of UK in India, we find large presenceRead more ›

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MBDA has a missile each for every Indian need

Nick De Larrinaga Of MBDA UK Head of Media Relations | Communications DirectorateAt MBDA & Incharge of Communications, India, in conversation with ADU at Aero India 2019. (Transcribed Video) Welcome to the MBDA booth here at Aero IndiaRead more ›

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Rolls-Royce has a long legacy in India

Pankaj Kaushik, VP (Armed Forces & Govt) India & South Asia, Rolls Royce In An Exclusive Interview With ADU Regarding The Presence Of Rolls Royce In India. (Transcribed Video) I’mRead more ›

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BAE Systems supply chain thrives on timely delivery, good quality & competive spirit

“This global program for us is something we continue to expand and utilise to partner with suppliers. We also have some tough goals that we want to haveRead more ›

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SAMI & Navantia form SANNI: Saudi Arabia marches ahead

Antonio Rodriguez-Barberan , CEO, SANNI , A Joint Venture Between Saudi Arabia Military Industries(SAMI) & Navantia In An Exclusive Interview With ADU At IDEX 2019 (Transcribed Video) I’m Antonio Barberan,Read more ›

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Fincantieri Middle East market is strong

Achille Fulfaro, Vice President of Fincantieri and also General Manager of Etihad Ship Building company briefing Chaitali Bag ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video) Good morning, I’m Achille Fulfaro, I’mRead more ›

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Harris Corporation Middle East operations going strong

Team Harris Speaking To Chaitali Bag At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Videos) Good morning, my name is Christopher Tucker, I’m the Vice President and managing Director for Harris corporation in theRead more ›

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Luca Isgro, Cetena, Fincantieri Group, briefing on Maritime Simulator system to Chaitali Bag ADU at IDEX 2019

Transcribed Video. I’m Lucas Isgro from Cetena, Cetena is an Italian company, that is a research centre of Fincantieri. Cetena is a company of Fincantieri group and IRead more ›

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