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Infantry Day
Reflections of a soldier

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) : A new wine in a new bottle

Dear Friends, New Delhi. 31 December 2019. As 2019 is on the verge of passing away and the second decade of this century coming to an end ADURead more ›

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72 years of independence and Mother India still laments

Dear Friends, New Delhi. 03 August 2019. We got independence on 15th August 1947 and in the God ’s year of 2019  i.e. 72 years later are weRead more ›

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Does India need to learn from military mights world over?

Dear Friends, New Delhi.08 February ,2019  From today ADU begins with a series ” Does India need to learn from  military mights  world over?” It is an aim toRead more ›

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Should NDMA just get disbanded?

By Brig. VK Atray New Delhi. 07 January 2019. The new year near fatal disaster due to heavy snow in Sikkim has put forth a very pertinent question-shouldRead more ›

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ADU welcomes 2018 with a big thank you

New Delhi. 01January 2018. Yet another year has passed since the inception of ADU .It is thus time for a critique and set pace for the year to come.Read more ›

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Slow & Steady we keep our steps

Many a times I wonder as to how the human being has been exploited time & again.Sometimes by the self styled Godmen-who claim to have remedy for allRead more ›

Goodbye 2016! Welcome 2017!

  The calendar has flipped 11 times & we are in December month once again. True to our motto ‘we report facts’ ADU tried to follow it in letter Read more ›

A step ahead is a step forward indeed

Many a times I wonder as to how the humanbeing has been exploited time & again.Sometimes by the self styled Godmen-who claim to have remedy for all theirRead more ›

Happy New Year!

ADU is two months old going on three and 2016 has set in. The newborn appears to be growing fast. We did not expect the type of responseRead more ›

Its a small but steady step

Dear Readers, The period of excitement due to the launch of a new venture continued all along last month. An interesting feedback session was held with available membersRead more ›


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Infantry Day

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Reflections of a soldier
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