Dear Friends,

New Delhi.08 February ,2019 

From today ADU begins with a series ” Does India need to learn from  military mights  world over?” It is an aim to identify best practices in the militaries  and analyse them. Strategy at war is not our aim, it is the peace time activities which interest us. Isn’t is true that defence is perfect in war if we have prepared well in peace? Nothing is finite and the best in this world and so gives us immense scope to improve ourselves by learning from others. 

We don’t talk of just the world leaders, good practices can also come from  small countries. So our global eye will peep into the military policies and defence  strategies of all the continents and dig out the best which could can come from any where, which could definitely be great for us to emulate to inspire our forces better and more motivating . Restructuring, resizing and re enforcing might also need some researching and re thinking.
So hope you all like this effort. Happy reading.

Brig Vijay Atray