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For running the website perfectly ADU has an advisory board which serves as a beacon to keep the website on course and make it professionally the most authentic. Experts from the defence forces and the defence industry  make the content rich with their contributoury articles. ADU is about creating a platform for all stake holders in and get a global visibility. The bio-datas of the members of advisory board is here.

ADU is knowledge and media partners to various conferences and seminars organized in and out of India, dealing with aviation, defence, homeland security, defence industry, research & development and civil aviation. Blitzkrieg coverage of air-shows, land & naval-shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops in both India and abroad, is its aim. We cover Paris Airshow, EuroNaval, EuroSatory, UDT, Berlin Air Show, Farnborough International Airshow, Dubai Air Show, EDEX Cairo, IDEX, Singapore Air Show, LIMA Lankawi, Shield Africa, Expodefensa,  DSEi London, DSEi Japan, Defense & Security Thailand, DEFEA Greece, DSA Malaysia,  IT2EC,  Aero India, Defexpo, Wings India , Aeroexpo, India-UAE Strategic Conclave and many other.

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Special sections on special days, about specific armament, equipment, technologies, institutions, organizations, armed forces and related subjects, is its endeavour. And of course regular coverage in all formats, be it interviews, features, reports, by-lined articles and editorials both signed and unsigned, will be its pursuit. Adhering to our catch line – We just report facts, we don’t change them– ADU has always aimed at journalism at its ethical best.


Sangeeta Saxenaauthored the book Defence Journalism in India
Sangeeta Saxena

Sangeeta Saxena is a hands on journalist who loves to travel, report and write. Thirty Four years of being a part of the media fraternity, covering defence, aviation, international relations and homeland security from Delhi to Calcutta to J&K to North East to Nagpur to Pune to Srinagar to Kargil and back to our very own Delhi—that’s how she has covered the length and breadth of India.
In love with her beat, she has covered operations like Kargil, sieges like Charar-e Sharif, insurgency camps of NSCN(IM) ,  land, naval and airshows world over. After working for news papers and magazines, she has now decided to branch out to the medium of the time-web.Defence Journalism in India by Sangeeta Saxena
As the Editor of the website, she is putting in all her experience and expertise in the field, to make the product state-of-the-art. Armed with a M .Phil. in Journalism, she is in the process of completing her Ph.D. in Defence  Journalism.
Sangeeta Saxena has also authored the book Defence Journalism in India. Defence journalism, though very much a part of modern day journalism, has practically very little literature for reference. This book has a unique distinction of being the first book on defence journalism, with special reference to India. Being a book on information and opinion, it analyses the love-hate relationship between the military and the media. Here the media`s point of view in no war, no peace, low intensity conflict areas have been answered.