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23rd June in history

1700 – Russia gave up its Black Sea fleet as part of a truce with the Ottoman Empire. 1758 – British and Hanoverian armies defeated the French atRead more ›

22nd June in History

1558 – The French took the French town of Thioville from the English. 1611 – English explorer Henry Hudson, his son and several other people were set adriftRead more ›

20th June in History

1397 – The Union of Kalmar united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway under one monarch. 1756 – In India, 150 British soldiers were imprisoned in a cell that becameRead more ›

19th June in History

0240 BC – Eratosthenes estimated the circumference of the Earth using two sticks. 1586 – English colonists sailed away from Roanoke Island, NC, after failing to establish England’sRead more ›

18th June in History

1155 – Frederick I Barbarossa was crowned emperor of Rome. 1429 – French forces defeated the English at the battle of Patay. The English had been retreating afterRead more ›

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16th June in History

0455 – Rome was sacked by the Vandal army. 1487 – The War of the Roses ended with the Battle of Stoke. 1567 – Mary, Queen of Scots,Read more ›

15th June in History

1215 – King John of England put his seal on the Magna Carta. 1381 – The English peasant revolt was crushed in London. 1389 – Ottoman Turks crushedRead more ›

14th June in History

1775 – The Continental Army was founded by the Second Continental Congress for purposes of common defense. This event is considered to be the birth of the UnitedRead more ›

13th June in History

1415 – Henry the Navigator, the prince of Portugal, embarked on an expedition to Africa. 1777 – The Marquis de Lafayette arrived in the American colonies to helpRead more ›

12th June in history

1442 – Alfonso V of Aragon was crowned King of Naples. 1665 – England installed a municipal government in New York. It was the former Dutch settlement ofRead more ›

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