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23rd October in History

  42 BC – Liberators’ civil war: Second Battle of Philippi – Mark Antony and Octavian decisively defeat Brutus’s army. Brutus commits suicide. 425 – Valentinian III isRead more ›

22nd October in History

4004 BC – The world was created at approximately six o’clock in the evening, according to the Ussher chronology. 794 – Emperor Kanmu relocates the Japanese capital toRead more ›

21st October in History

1096 – People’s Crusade: The Turkish army successfully fight off the People’s Army of the West. 1097 – First Crusade: Crusaders led by Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemund ofRead more ›

20th October in History

1740 – Maria Theresa takes the throne of Austria. France, Prussia, Bavaria and Saxonyrefuse to honour the Pragmatic Sanction and the War of the Austrian Succession begins. 1781Read more ›

19th October in History

1386 – The Universität Heidelberg held its first lecture, making it the oldest German university. 1781 – At Yorktown, Virginia, representatives of British commander Lord Cornwallis handed overRead more ›

18th October

Two important events in history today. 1922 – The British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) is founded by a consortium, to establish a nationwide network of radio transmitters toRead more ›

17th October in History

456 – Battle of Placentia: Ricimer, supported by Majorian (comes domesticorum), defeats the Roman usurper Avitus near Piacenza (Northern Italy) . 1346 – Battle of Neville’s Cross: KingRead more ›

16th October in History

  456 – Magister militum Ricimer defeats Emperor Avitus at Piacenza and becomes master of the Western Roman Empire. 690 – Empress Wu Zetian ascends to the throneRead more ›

15th October in History

1066 – Edgar the Ætheling is proclaimed King of England, but is never crowned. He reigns until 10 December 1066. 1211 – Battle of the Rhyndacus: The LatinRead more ›

14th October in History

1066 – Norman Conquest: Battle of Hastings: In England on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, the Norman forces of William the Conqueror defeat the English army andRead more ›