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12th November in History

295 – Origin of Era of Ascension 1028 – Future Byzantine empress Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanos III Argyros. 1330 – Battle of Posada,Read more ›

11th November in History

308 – At Carnuntum, Emperor emeritus Diocletian confers with Galerius, Augustus of the East, and Maximianus, the recently returned former Augustus of the West, in an attempt toRead more ›

10th November in History

1293 – Raden Wijaya is crowned as the first monarch of Majapahit kingdom of Java, taking throne name Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. 1580 – After a three-day siege, the EnglishRead more ›

9th November in History

694 – At the Seventeenth Council of Toledo, Egica, a king of the Visigoths of Hispania, accuses Jews of aiding Muslims, sentencing all Jews to slavery. 1313 –Read more ›

8th November in History

960 – Battle of Andrassos: Byzantines under Leo Phokas the Younger score a crushing victory over the Hamdanid Emir of Aleppo, Sayf al-Dawla. 1278 – Trần Thánh Tông,Read more ›

7th November in History

335 – Athanasius is banished to Trier, on charge that he prevented a grain fleet from sailing to Constantinople. 680 – The Sixth Ecumenical Council commences in Constantinople.Read more ›

6th November in History

  355 – Roman emperor Constantius II promotes his cousin Julian to the rank of Caesar, entrusting him with the government of the Prefecture of the Gauls. 1528Read more ›

5th November in history

1138 – Lý Anh Tông is enthroned as emperor of Vietnam at the age of two, beginning a 37-year reign. 1605 – Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes is arrested.Read more ›

4th November in History

  1429 – Armagnac–Burgundian Civil War: Joan of Arc liberates Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier. 1501 – Catherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII’s first wife) meets Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII’s older brotherRead more ›

3rd November in History

1468 – Liège is sacked by Charles I of Burgundy’s troops. 1492 – Peace of Etaples between Henry VII and Charles VIII. 1493 – Christopher Columbus first sightsRead more ›