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17th August in History

309/310 – Pope Eusebius is banished by the Emperor Maxentius to Sicily, where he dies, perhaps from a hunger strike. 986 – Byzantine–Bulgarian wars: Battle of the GatesRead more ›

16th August in History

1 BC – Wang Mang consolidates his power and is declared marshal of state. Emperor Ai of Han, who had died the previous day, had no heirs. 963Read more ›

15th August in History

India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day   1057 – Macbeth, the King of Scotland, was killed by the son of King Duncan. 1877 – Thomas Edison wroteRead more ›

13th August in History

1516 – The Treaty of Noyon between France and Spain is signed. Francis I of France recognizes Charles’s claim to Naples, and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, recognizesRead more ›

12th August in history

1323 – Signature of the Treaty of Nöteborg between Sweden and Novgorod (Russia), that regulates the border between the two countries for the first time. 1499 – FirstRead more ›

11th August in History

3114 BC – The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, used by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, notably the Mayans, begins. 2492 BC – Traditional date of the defeat of BelRead more ›

10th August in History

955 – Battle of Lechfeld: Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor defeats the Magyars, ending 50 years of Magyar invasion of the West. 991 – Battle of Maldon: TheRead more ›

9th August in History

48 BC – Caesar’s Civil War: Battle of Pharsalus: Julius Caesar decisively defeats Pompey at Pharsalus and Pompey flees to Egypt. 378 – Gothic War: Battle of Adrianople:Read more ›

8th August in History

870 – Treaty of Meerssen: King Louis the German and his half-brother Charles the Bald partitions the Middle Frankish Kingdom into two larger east and west divisions. 1220Read more ›

07th August in History

  322 BC – Battle of Crannon between Athens and Macedonia. 461 – Roman Emperor Majorian is beheaded near the river Iria in north-west Italy following his arrestRead more ›