1099 – Christian soldiers on the First Crusade march around Jerusalem.
1608 – The first French settlement at Quebec was established by Samuel de Champlain.
1663 – King Charles II of England granted a charter to Rhode Island.
1693 – Uniforms for police in New York City were authorized.
1709 – Peter the Great defeated Charles XII at Poltava, in the Ukraine, The Swedish empire was effectively ended.
1755 – Britain broke off diplomatic relations with France as their disputes in the New World intensified.
1776 – Col. John Nixon gave the first public reading of the U.S. Declaration of Independence to a crowd at Independence Square in Philadelphia.
1794 – French troops captured Brussels, Belgium.
1815 – Louis XVIII returned to Paris after the defeat of Napoleon.
1865 – C.E. Barnes patented the machine gun.
1879 – The first ship to use electric lights departed from San Francisco, CA.
1889 – The Wall Street Journal was first published.
1919 – U.S. President Wilson returned from the Versailles Peace Conference in France.
1947 – Demolition work began in New York City for the new permanent headquarters of the United Nations.
1950 – General Douglas MacArthur was named commander-in-chief of United Nations forces in 1960 – The Soviet Union charged Gary Powers with espionage. He was shot down in a U-2 spy plane.
1963 – All Cuban-owned assets in the United States were frozen. Korea.
1981 – The Solar Challenger became the frist solar-powered airplane to cross the English Channel.
1986 – Kurt Waldheim was inaugurated as president of Austria despite controversy over his alleged ties to Nazi war crimes.
1997 – NATO invited Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic to join the alliance in 1999.
2010 – The Solar Impulse completed the first 24-hour flight by a solar powered plane.