The calendar has flipped 11 times & we are in December month once again.

True to our motto ‘we report facts’ ADU tried to follow it in letter  & spirit. When you have the most powerful tool in your hand-the pen-it indeed requires quality of righteousness & God’ quality of being just & fair to be on the right path. I dare say that generally our writers & the members of the bureau have been able to follow the dictum.

The year has been full of action packed with news , domestic & international. We tried to cover all the sections of our website in full detail. There was hardly any event  relevant to us which was not covered. Our bureau had its footprints on all the Air shows in India & abroad. Major seminars & events were attended in India. & reported post haste.

I feel proud to say that ADU was invited by all Service HQ & international & national corporate world to cover their major events, For a news website which is just born it is a matter of pride.

We have been joined by Ms Chaitali Haldhar, Ms Arundhati  Das  & Ms Madhu   Sawhney  to look after Gulf & Europe, US & Canada respectively. I once again welcome them & look forward to get timely & meaningful reporting from their areas of operation.

I wish to put on record that our Editor Sangeeta Saxena burnt midnight oil all throughout the year to ensure that you get the news first on ADU portal .It was her dream & I am sure she is delighted by the response from the readers & her mounting fan mail on FB, Twitter & Whatsapp !

Last but not the least my grateful thanks to our esteem Advisory Board for their constant support & encouragement. We need their involvement for an experienced Midas Touch .

The year ended with great interviews of the MOS Civil Aviation, Air Chief, Navy Chief, CMD Pawan Hans, India Heads of  Aerospace majors.

Hope 2017 is as good.