New Delhi. 01January 2018. Yet another year has passed since the inception of ADU .It is thus time for a critique and set pace for the year to come. The Portal has been prompt in reporting the NEWS in real time frame .Many a readers have appreciated the accuracy and the speed with which our team reported globally. The lion’s share of credit goes to our editor Sangeeta who has burnt midnight oil ,despite her domestic and academic pursuits.

Her rapport with the giants in the Aviation and other industry is praiseworthy. Chaitali  has created a niche for herself by covering the major events taking place in Europe . Madhu has covered Canada meticulously. Arundhati is showing her bright colours in US., so is Suresh in South East Asia and Sameer in Southern India. We have accomplished writers who are authority in their own field and their contribution is noteworthy.

And in an online portal this would not have been possible without the technical efforts of Harmeet, who has matched his steps with us so well.

The industry needs a salute for reposing faith in our timely and factual reporting. ADU exists because of you all !

Last but not the least credit goes to our Advisory Board who have guided us on the tight rope walk through their hawk’s eye.