ADU is two months old going on three and 2016 has set in. The newborn appears to
be growing fast. We did not expect the type of response which we got from our
viewers in the recent past. Other day the Editor was preoccupied with interviews &
a private engagement & statements like didn’t see today in the history, where are
you ,has world come to a stand still encouraged us & acted as a catalyst to strive for
better & prompt reporting.
There have been important events around the world which ADU has brought to you
e.g. the nomination of Mr Harjit Sajjan –an Indian born – as the Defence Minister of
Canada, Mahindra & Mahindra setting up an aerospace company in Australia,
Airbus getting patent for removable cabin pods for planes, Boeing lands on
Antarctic runway and many more. Indian events and news have as always been our
endeavour and we will continue to bring to you all that is important & the latest in
our field.
I attended MRO 2015 Conference & Exhibition at Bangalore on 01 & 02 Dec. Very
frank & forthright discussions took place as to how the Indian Industry can make
niche in the ever demanding commercial & civil aviation sectors. Minimum
downtime, guarantee of timely repairs & indigenization were deliberated in great
detail. The exhibition was well attended and I hope more exhibitors participate at
such an important platform in future.
The armed forces of the world get a soldier’s salute from me and we have been
trying to cover their activities without being partial to Indian Armed Forces-which
of course have been our staple.
The new year brings in a new thought. We welcome the readers to write in the new
column which ADU inaugurates on the new year day—-Reader’s Write. Please send
your write ups in related fields, some views you think strongly about and news
which we might have missed out on. You will get the byline and we a continuous
I look forward to your continued viewing, positive & constructive criticism so that
the infant ADU grows in the right direction. Wishing all the readers a very happy
Brig. Vijay Atray (Retd.)