Many a times I wonder as to how the human being has been exploited time & again.Sometimes by the self styled Godmen-who claim to have remedy for all their problems-the politicians who surface at the time of elections & show rosy future to the gullible public or the Media who is busy promoting or acting as the catalyst of their masters.The common man is where he was;toiling hard to earn bread for his family & meet their basic needs-roti, kapda aur makan.In our country the caste, creed, faith compounds this problem further. The end result is the brain drain.

The politicians is another breed which has exploited the masses the most.The latest buzz word is intolerance.It took me sometime before I understood its real meaning .On this note many panel discussions have been taking place, pseudo intellectuals have been raising voices but alas the fate of the common man has not changed a bit.What an irony !

I am glad to report that despite such happenings our website has continued to report facts :always in time & without any bias.The ADU team has shown its presence at all important events related to its field, whether it is the Army Day, International Fleet Review,VC Day, launch of Strategic Manufacturing Sector Skill Council, Airshows, Change of Guard &c.The coverage on civil aviation has been our main forte.ADU has been invited in all major media deliberations on the subject. We have been great supporter of Make in India campaign & have covered all events related to it.

At the moment ADU is covering UDT 2017 in Germany and CANSEC 2017 in Canada. Chaitali and her intern Christophe are at Bremen and Madhu at Ottawa.
The ADU is progressing well & the feedback from our readers is encouraging.I request you to keep guiding us so that we continue to improve.