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Joe Biden in Ukraine unannounced to the world

Zelensky gets a confidence booster shot Putin reacts by walking out of the new START Treaty By Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. 21 February 2023. It…

Heli Russia 2022 closes on a positive note

By DD Nair Moscow. 25 May 2022. Amidst international hostility towards Russia for the special operation in Ukraine,  HeliRussia 2022  not only took off ,…

French Naval Ships docked in Cyprus seas

Eyeballs shift towards Cyprus in anticipation USS Ross also anchored at Limassol By Chaitali Bag Limmasol/Nicosia. Cyprus. 01 March 2022. The war which is the…

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.Team ADU is all set to cover Milipol India 2022. Shall get it live from 26th to 28th October

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