Dubai .13 November 2019 . Euramec, the European flight simulation solution providers, will unveil their new range of flight simulation platforms and smart flight services at the Dubai Airshow 2019, Nov 17-21, 2019.

Using newly-recycled A320 cockpit sections, Euramec is offering its signature high ROI flight training solutions on a meticulously detailed Airbus A320 cockpit flight simulator for the commercial aviation industry.

The Euramec A320 Full-Glass Cockpit Flight Training Device (FTD) will be certifiable under EASA FNPT Level II MCC specifications. EURAMEC has also started a flight sim program for the Piper PA-28 Archer/Warrior and the PA-44 Seminole Series.

These new additions to the popular EURAMEC catalogue of cost-efficient flight simulators are welcomed by the Piper flying community, looking for truly realistic yet cost-efficient flight training. In Dubai, the standard Diamond DA-20/40/42 range of glass cockpit flight simulators, as well as its Cessna 172 flight simulator will be on offer.

FlyRight  is a scenario-Based Flight Training Device (FTD) for aero clubs, flying schools and home-builds introduced to the Aerospace markets in the Middle East for the first time. Working with AOPA UK, Euramec has developed a set of emergency scenarios that are too dangerous to attempt safely in an actual aircraft.

Bert Buyle, CEO Euramec: “FlyRight is to teach pilots to handle situations that are certainly not part of practical flight lessons, but can be defined as life-threatening incidents. Our objective is to let student-pilots experience such emergency issues, but the training obviously is also for experienced private pilots.”

EURAMEC is also actively seeking OEM partners for both commercial and military aircraft to support the development of 21st century flight training devices in both market segments.