Dear Friends,

This is the second New Year since ADU became an entity. A look back and it has been an year and three months of  great excitement for Team ADU which has expanded taking baby steps, towards fulfilling a dream of becoming a part of the big but niche world of aerospace and defence and hope to bring forth a complete understanding of the two areas, both now and in the future.

Last year was a challenging one which we met with ease and ADU was present at all events and shows. International Fleet review of Indian Navy, Singapore , Farnborough, India Aviation and Euronaval, we were every where and  now we are all set to be at Aero India, Langkawi, IDEX, Paris and at every event in aerospace and defence , which matters.

Our aim at ADU is to create a platform to showcase  technologies and research and development for the Indian as well as global market. Military technology may be  researched and developed by scientists and engineers , used in battle by the armed forces but needs to be communicated to the world. The line is porous; military inventions have been brought into civilian use throughout history, with sometimes minor modification if any, and civilian innovations have similarly been put to military use.

But all this will be incomplete without remembering the end user-our armed forces, paramilitary and police force. It will be our aim to  let the world know about all that is happening at their end. The Army, Navy and Air Force are not only the strength of India but also of each and every Indian. ADU aims to play a role in creating an informed citizenry which takes pride in the soldiers who keep awake at the borders so that they can sleep in  peace. We will bring forth all that is happening on their front in a time of no war and no peace in India.

Content is definitely king but so is good journalism. ADU will always aspire to indulge in journalism which is ethical, inspired and true.The one thing we are sure of is the purpose of the magazine. ADU will always be foremost about free expression, accuracy, brevity, clarity and authenticity. Editors here are always willing to make improvements for the cause of writing and reporting.

And in this journey which began with just two of us , has you all  with us forever. No bidding adieus this time. Wish you all a very Happy 2017.

Sangeeta Saxena

1st January , 2017