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Rolls-Royce has a long legacy in India

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Pankaj Kaushik, Vice President India (Armed Forces & Govt.)_FINAL

Pankaj Kaushik, VP (Armed Forces & Govt) India & South Asia, Rolls Royce In An Exclusive Interview With ADU Regarding The Presence Of Rolls Royce In India. (Transcribed Video)

I’m Pankaj Kaushik, Vice President, responsible for the customers in the government relations in India based out of New Delhi office. Rolls-Royce has more than 80 years of presence in India. We have more than 750 engines flying across ten different engine types so we have a long legacy in this country and we’re extremely proud of our association with the Indian armed forces. India is a very focused and a primary market for Rolls-Royce and we’re always focused on how to bring more opportunities and more engines and work more closely with our customers here in India and we are very focused on trying to increase our footprint during the digital space, our supply chain in India. We are extremely proud of a very strong relationship with HAL in India and we are always very keen to develop and meet our customer requirements here and we are very hopeful we have very good products to meet all the future requirements of the Indian armed forces, we are very keenly looking forward to certainly programs to come up, we think we have the right products, we have the right presence in India. We are very much a part of this ecosystem here in India and we just hope that we get an opportunity to work more closely with the Indian armed forces in the future programs. Thank you.

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