Rio de Janiero. 07 April 2019. AVIBRAS Aerospace Industry was present in full strength and technological and industrial capacity through a solid partnership with the Brazilian Armed Forces in the strategic programs.

The Area Saturation Artillery Rocket System (ASTROS) has been adopted in Brazil by the Army and Navy, and by the Armed Forces of various countries since the 1980s.

AVIBRAS within the scope of the Brazilian Army’s ASTROS 2020 Strategic Program, which aims to increase the capacity of the National Land Force with a technologically superior system of high performance benchmark and operational reliability, is developing the Cruise Tactical Missile with technology 100% national, from its design, engineering design, prototyping and manufacturing.

The company is also industrializing new battalions in the MK-6 version, consisting of launch vehicles, command and control vehicles, meteorological, ground support and mariners.

In the Brazilian Navy’s MANSUP (Antinavio Surface Missile) program, AVIBRAS is responsible for the Propulsive System (Engine) and other components and for the Final Assembly of the missile prototypes. MANSUP will equip the future ships of the navy squadron of Brazil.

AVIBRAS also integrates the bi-national program of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) between Brazil and South Africa in the development of the A-Darter 5th generation aerial combat missile, which aims to equip the new Gripen fighters of the Brazilian Air Force.

The company is also presenting at the fair the SKYFIRE System (70mm Air-Ground Rocket System and Surface-Surface), which is part of the company’s broad portfolio of high value-added products.

With its expertise and pioneering in the aerospace sector in the development of national technological solutions, AVIBRAS is highlighting its participation in the Brazilian Space Program through the Basic and Intermediate training rockets.

Currently, AVIBRAS participates in the development and manufacturing of the S50 rocket engines of the VLM-1 (Microsatellite Launcher Vehicle) within the scope of the Brazilian Space Agency’s National Program of Space Activities. The company has its own competencies to integrate launch vehicles for the Brazilian Space Program.

AVIBRAS is close to completing 60 years of existence with a trajectory full of many achievements and overcoming challenges. In addition to deploying new methods and work processes, the company is focused on the sales effort and the development of new business.

Since 2016, the company has been implementing a process of innovation oriented to results, creating the bases for the growth of the company’s business. Regarding its participation in the Brazilian Space Program, the company is investing in the construction of the plant for the production of PBHT (Hydroxy Polybutadiene), a fundamental input in the production of solid fuel.

This training is essential for the rockets of the new Brazilian Space Program. This is a strategic investment decision for Brazil and for AVIBRAS, fundamental for the rescue of national sovereignty in the production of solid fuel and essential for the aerospace activities.

With start-up scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, the plant will be able to produce up to 2,200 tonnes of PBHT / year. In addition to the applications in the Defense and Aerospace market, PBHT has several applications as inputs in the civil market, such as insulation, adhesive sealants, waterproofing, encapsulation, coatings, films, etc.

AVIBRAS also innovated with the creation of EATI (AVIBRAS Space of Technology and Innovation) inaugurated in December of 2018, in the Technology Park São José dos Campos. EATI was conceived to serve as the AVIBRAS embassy for research, development and innovation of products and solutions at the Defense, Space and Public Safety poles, in a partnership environment and in collaboration with universities, research centers and companies with similar technological bases.

The purpose is to ensure the evolution of the company by developing strategic technologies for new products and businesses, with its own know-how, processes and appropriate tools to ensure its perpetuity.

AVIBRAS is a Technology and Innovation company, with unique industrial capacity, 100% Brazilian and recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products and systems. Its essence is to be innovative and independent in critical technologies in the following areas: Aeronautics, Space, Electronics, Vehicle and Defense.

With extensive and modern facilities located in the Paraíba Valley, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil’s leading aerospace technology hub, AVIBRAS creates competitive advantages of quality and innovation, fundamental to maintaining itself as a major player in the world defense market.

With more than 50 years of operations, the company has consolidated itself as a development provider in conducting business in order to generate value to customers, shareholders and society in a sustainable way. AVIBRAS is among the 100 largest export companies in Brazil and is proud to be part of the Strategic Industrial Base for Brazilian Defense.