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  • Back-to-back terror attacks by Pak sponsored terrorists

By Jai Kumar Verma

New Delhi. 22 June 2024. Pakistan sponsored terrorists stunned not only the residents of Jammu region but also to  whole of India including the security agencies. On 9 June three Pakistan trained terrorists attacked a bus which was carrying the pilgrims in Reasi area. The terrorists were equipped with U.S. manufactured M4 Carbine assault rifles. Consequent upon the attack the driver lost control and the bus fell in the valley, killing 10 innocent pilgrims and injuring more than 33, few of them were critically wounded.

This was not a stray attack. The terrorists attacked at different places including Reasi, Kathua and Doda between 9th June to 12 June in which besides pilgrims, a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawan was martyred and about 6 security personnel and a civilian were injured. Meanwhile Pakistan media reported that some unknown person killed the mastermind of Reasi terror attack inside Pakistan. Pakistani security agencies were not able to catch the unknown men. However, they allege that Indian security agencies are behind these killings. Terrorist organisation ‘Kashmir Tigers’ has taken the responsibility of terrorist attack in Kathua.

The government and security agencies were taken aback because of these terrorist attacks, as it appeared that the situation was coming under control and terrorists were losing ground. Secondly Jammu region had very less terrorist attacks, as Srinagar valley was the main target of the terrorists. On 16 June Home Minister held a high-level meeting to review the security situation in J&K which was attended by Lieutenant Governor of J&K, National Security Advisor, Union Home Secretary, DGP J&K, Senior officers of Army, Central Police Organisations and intelligence organisations. Home Minister Amit Shah made it clear that the security forces are fighting a decisive battle against terrorism and the security forces are fully prepared and they are confident that terrorists would be defeated conclusively. The meeting also discussed about the preparations of Amarnath Yatra which is commencing from 29 June and always remain the target of the terrorists.

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The experts on Kashmir claim that the deep state of Pakistan and master mind of terrorists attacks were uncomfortable because of recently concluded Lok Sabha elections in which the public participated in large numbers and casted their votes. The terror organisations through these terrorist actions want to show that the present government has lack of control in J&K area and terrorists can attack and kill the civilians and can also successfully attack security forces and martyr them too. Terrorists also want that government should be forced to postpone assembly elections, nevertheless security experts claim that government should not postpone assembly elections.

Terrorists attacked on the day Modi 3.0 was taking oath and foreign dignitaries of neighbouring countries were in India to attend the swearing-in-ceremony. Experts gave example of Chittisinghpura massacre in March 2000 in which Pakistan sponsored terrorists shot dead 35 Sikh pilgrims in Chittisinghpura village one day before President Bill Clinton had to address Indian parliament. Pakistan’s deep state neither wants peace in Kashmir nor cordial relations with India.

The terrorists had selected Jammu region because the security forces have strengthened themselves so much in Srinagar area that it has becoming difficult for terrorists to operate there. Jammu which is considered peaceful has majority of Hindus and has less presence of security forces hence terrorists selected Jammu region.

Government is taking stiff long-term actions against terrorists as well as their supporters. Now government has decided to confiscate the properties of the supporters of terrorists as it was done in Kashmir. Cases would be registered against the support agents under stringent sections. The security agencies are making the list of these support agents.  It is always important to take severe action against supporters of terrorists as the terrorists cannot act without the assistance of support agents. The support agents assist the terrorists (action agents) in hiding them, concealing their weapons, provide them food & shelter. Sometimes these support agents do recee of the area and provide them intelligence about the movement of security force. Hence action against these support agents is necessary.

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Police forces have detained more than 50 persons and have also released sketches of 4 terrorists involved in recent attacks. Recently police have also detained three persons in J&K who provided food to terrorists on gun point but did not inform security forces about the presence of these terrorists. These terrorists attacked security personnel in Doda district. Terrorists also attacked a joint-police Army checkpoint in Bhaderwah in which five army personnel and a police officer were injured. These terrorists are Pakistani nationals and wandering in Bhaderwah, Thathri, and Gandoh in Doda district. Police has also announced a reward of Rs. 20 Lakh for providing relevant information about the terrorists. Security forces also used drones to locate the terrorists.

The defanging of Article 370 has boosted the morale of the local Kashmiris and barring few incidents the public is refusing to assist terrorists. In case terrorists get favour after threatening with fire arms, the public informs the security agencies about the presence of terrorists once the danger of terrorists is over. It is a big change in the attitude of the masses. On 11 June terrorists went door to door in Kathua district and asked for water with the villagers but villagers instead of giving water closed the door and later informed security agencies. The terrorists in frustration opened fire on villagers. The security forces later killed both the terrorists, unfortunately one security personnel was also martyred. These types of incidents negate the disinformation campaign of ISI that Muslims in Kashmir welcome Pakistani terrorists.

Pakistan which is passing through an economic crisis and upset over the peace and tranquillity in J&K has enhanced the number of infiltrators. At present three or four groups of terrorists are operating in J&K, and they are responsible for recent terrorist activities. As locals are reluctant to join terrorist outfits hence more terrorists are being infiltrated so that terrorist incidents continue. The terrorists killed by security forces were Pakistanis and large quantity of arms and ammunition, one lakh Indian rupees, Pakistan made chocolates, dry gram, medicines, pain killers, batteries, and other items were recovered from their possession. Few recovered items have Pakistani markings. Recovery of these items suggest that these Pakistan trained terrorists came prepared for long-term operations.

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‘Kashmir Tigers’ which claimed the responsibility of Kathua attack is more or less a new and unknown group. It appears that the deep state is determined to enhance terrorist activities in J&K which is necessary to divert the attention of Pakistani masses as they are suffering because of inflation and rising prices. There are reports that numerous training camps are operative in Pakistan where not only Pakistanis, but Afghans, Uzbeks and persons of other nationalities are also trained in these camps. After training these terrorists would be infiltrated in India especially in J&K for conducting terrorist activities.

The security forces have taken full security measures and Mata Kheer Bhawani fair occurred on 14 June peacefully. The fair was attended by thousands of Kashmiri Hindus. Prime Minister Modi also paid two-day visit in J&K and celebrated Yoga Day in the valley. Government is taking full precautions for Amarnath Yatra, about 500 companies of Central Police Organisations (CPOs) including CRPF, BSF, ITBP, CISF etc would be deployed on the route of Amarnath Yatra. Intelligence agencies are instructed to galvanise their assets so that more and more actionable intelligence is collected. The security forces would create several new checkpoints and are also doing cordon and search operations at sensitive places in the state.

It is unfortunate that Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is continuing with its nefarious activities and training and sending terrorists in India. Islamabad should realise that India is a much bigger country with more resources and Pakistan has not only internal problems but also reliability issues geopolitically. There are several secessionist movements in the country. Balochistan and Sindh launched movements to become independent, Pashtuns with help of Afghanistan wants separate Pakhtoonistan. Muhajirs are unhappy and were demanding to carve out an independent nation with the name of Jinnahpur. Residents of Gilgit and Baltistan who are mainly Shias want separate Balawaristan. Residents of Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) are also unhappy, and they demanded for an independent Kashmir. India being a democratic, peaceful country does not want to exploit these secessionist movements hence Pakistan should also realise and should not provoke India by creating problems.

(Jai Kumar Verma is a Delhi-based strategic analyst and member of United Services Institute of India and The Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. The views in the article are solely the author’s. He can be contacted at