New Delhi. 04 July 2024. ​Embarking on significant efforts towards government’s green initiatives, Indian Army is in the process of procuring 113 Electric Buses for transportation of troops.

These 40-seater buses with an endurance of 250 kilometers are primarily for deployment in plains & semi-hilly areas and are currently at the trial stage for procurement.

This procurement is in line with GOI’s directive on zero carbon emission and marks pivotal moment in the Indian Armed Forces journey towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Further this initiative not only aligns with the global shift towards sustainable practices but also exemplifies India’s leadership in leveraging indigenous capabilities to achieve environmental goals.

This move will foster innovation with the defence sector and set a precedence for other government agencies and industries to follow suit.

From the battlefield to the forefront of eco-conscious strides, Indian Armed Forces change towards a greener future where national security and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.