• 700 Women Delegates Participation

New Delhi.  27 June 2024 . The second day of the India Space Congress (ISC) 2024, organized by SIA-India, continued to build on the momentum set by the inaugural day. This prestigious event, taking place at The Lalit, New Delhi, gathers prominent leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from the global space industry, emphasizing the theme “Space Innovation: Bridging Boundaries and Transforming Tomorrow.”

The day explored a variety of engaging topics, including geospatial insights, standardizations, and space sustainability. A notable highlight is the significant increase in women’s participation, which has risen by 15% over the last two editions. This progress was celebrated with a special panel titled “Space for Women and Women for Space,” featuring trailblazing women in Indian space. These pioneers shared insights into their innovative projects, challenges, and visions, inspiring the next generation of women innovators and driving the industry forward.

Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri, President of SIA-India, emphasized India’s aspiration to become a global hub for satellite manufacturing, contributing to a “Viksit Bharat” by 2047. “India aims to integrate into the global supply chain, benefitting all through our advancements in satellite technology,” Dr. Pavuluri stated.

Special Addresses:

Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu, former Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff and chairman of Defence Space Committee SIA-India , highlighted the pivotal role of satellite technology in the Indian Army. “Satellite technology plays a pivotal role in the Indian Army, particularly through PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) services, which provide real-time positioning crucial for battlefield efficiency. This technology ensures precise navigation, accurate targeting, and improved unit coordination, significantly enhancing our operational effectiveness. Additionally, cybersecurity is paramount, and space applications are vital in defending against cyberattacks, further strengthening our capabilities in modern warfare.

“Mr. Dadang Hidayat, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to India, shared insights on bilateral cooperation in space technology and its potential to drive innovation and economic growth.

Dr. Olivier Fink, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Switzerland to India and Bhutan, discussed space sustainability and Switzerland’s growth in the space industry. He said, “Space sustainability is a key focus for Switzerland as our space industry continues to grow. Startups and companies from various countries are making significant advancements in space technology. I also pay tribute to India’s remarkable space accomplishments, which underscore the importance of global collaboration and innovation in driving our industry forward.”

The SIA-India platform also announced collaboration between Indonesia and India in the field of Space. Pasifik Satelite Nuasantra (PSN) a company of Indonesia specializing in space based communication and Elena Geo, an Indian company specializing in NavIC based Multi GNSS Solutions have come together to leverage each other’s capabilities in their respective domains for implementation of solution in the South Asian and ASEAN region. In the near future, this collaboration has a potential of 100 Mn USD trade in this region.

Country Session: Switzerland Space

This session presented the dynamic Swiss space ecosystem, emphasizing opportunities for bottom-up collaborations and offering essential insights into establishing businesses in Switzerland. The Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement between India and the EFTA countries, including Switzerland, opens new areas of engagement.

Special Session: Space Startup Mixer

The congress also featured a Space Startup Mixer session, connecting entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and industry experts. This dynamic platform is dedicated to fueling the ambitions of visionary startups, fostering collaboration, innovation, and the boundless potential of entrepreneurial endeavors. Participants unlocked opportunities, accessed resources, and accelerated their paths to success in the space industry.

As the event progresses, attendees can look forward to more insightful sessions, including discussions on cybersecurity, smart and flexible space systems, and international collaboration. The release of the “Cybersecurity” white paper by SIA India and ISAC aims to enhance the dialogue on securing our digital future. Additionally, the joint paper by SIA-India and PwC titled “Earth Observation: Drivers for India’s Development” will be released, further enriching the discourse on space technologies’ impact on national progress. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the transformative power of space innovation.