Nagpur. 10 April 2024. The National Academy of Defence Production (NADP), situated in the vibrant locale of Defence Estate, Ambajhari, Nagpur, hosted a significant event on April 10th, 2024, centred around the theme of ‘Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship’. The program, held within the esteemed premises of NADP, witnessed the convergence of distinguished women leaders who have carved their niche in the entrepreneurial landscape. The seminar aimed to inspire and empower women to pursue entrepreneurship, cultivating a culture of innovation, leadership, and economic independence.

Speakers Included Shilpa Agrawal: Managing Director & CEO, Akash Furniture Group,  Rashmi Kulkarni: Chairperson, VIA LEW (Vidarbha Industries Association Ladies’ Wing),  Meghna Jaiswal: Founder, Bhoomi Traders, Monica Bhagwagar: Renowned Socialite and Entrepreneur, Sachi Mallik: Proprietor, Indo Herbals, Jyoti Thatte: Proprietor, Chanakya Herbal Healthcare,  Alka Thakur: Founder and Director, OSK IT Solutions, Nagpur and Shipra Gugaliya: Executive Director, Indian Autogas Company Ltd.

The key themes that emerged were, in a world where women have long been the silent pillars of strength, their empowerment and innovation are now taking centre stage, reshaping the landscape of emerging India. With nearly half the population, women are shattering stereotypes and stepping into diverse roles with unparalleled determination. Age, they say, is but a number, and this rings true in the realm of innovation, where barriers are broken and new horizons are explored irrespective of one’s age. The path to excellence demands perseverance and discipline, traits that women embody as they strive to become the best versions of themselves every day. When passion aligns with vision, the possibilities for innovation become boundless, with women at the forefront, balancing their multifaceted lives with remarkable skill. With unwavering support from family and society, women overcome obstacles like ants navigating through barriers, their resilience and ingenuity paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future like the Ants that makes its own way despite all obstacles. Entrepreneurship is a celebration of empowerment, a tribute to the indomitable spirit of women who refuse to be confined by limits, propelling society forward with their innovation and determination.

Dr. J. P. Dash, Chief General Manager of NADP welcomed the Guests and exhorted that the key to building future India will be through Sustainability, Digitalisation and Innovation. He shared, the moment you make women the central actors, whether in education, in business, in addressing climate change or driving innovation and technology, the impact becomes manifold. Gender parity is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Dr. Indu Mazumdar, Training and Placement Officer at NADP, orchestrated the event, aiming to inspire and empower women in entrepreneurship, offered Vote of Thanks to the celebrities. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from faculty members, students from various colleges in Nagpur, as well as delegates from corporate entities. NADP’s  Entrepreneurship Seminar heralds a new era of empowerment, celebrating the indomitable spirit of women and their invaluable contributions to society.