Rio de Janiero. 07 April 2019. Meggitt Training Systems, the provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services for armed forces and law enforcement, highlighted its full range of small-arms simulators at LAAD 2019.

“Meggitt Training Systems offers our Latin American customer base an unrivalled choice in virtual training, beginning with our portable FATS® 100P, ideal for transportation between remote locations” said Matt Cunningham, Meggitt’s director of virtual systems sales. “Customers with more robust needs can step up to our FATS 100MIL, used by military forces throughout the world, as well as the three-screen FATS 180LE and five-screen FATS 300LE for greater immersion.”

“Meggitt understands and serves Europe’s unique live-fire training requirements thanks in part to our regional facilities in Ashford and The FATS 100P features advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering weapon handling and shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools, video-based judgmental training for escalation and de-escalation, and enhanced graphic capabilities, all in a compact package. Portable and light, the FATS 100P comes in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag that allow easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person. Up to six weapon simulators, including Meggitt’s patented BlueFire® wireless weapons, can be run simultaneously.

100MIL is a major expansion in weapons training capability, introducing revolutionary features such as advanced game engine 3D marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent automatic coaching and collective training. The system provides an impressive array of functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering solid weapon-handling and shot-placement analytics, coaching tools that automatically highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform.

The FATS 180LE provides 180-degree high definition projection on three borderless 150” X 84” screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio, while the FATS 300LE utilizes five screens for a fully immersive, 300-degree experience. A 5.1 surround sound audio system with directional sound effects allows instructors to incorporate unsettling noise from any direction to elevate situational awareness. The FATS 180LE and 300LE support up to 20 simulated weapons, including wireless BlueFire ones. Up to four simulated weapons can be assigned to a single user. These include rifles, pistols, shotguns and less-lethal OC spray and TASERs®. Current FATS 100 systems can be upgraded easily to the FATS 180LE or 300LE.