New Delhi. 29 January 2019. Major Rohit Lingwal was deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir for conduct of counter infiltration operations. He meticulously developed intelligence network with respect to activities of terrorist outfits.

Major Rohit Lingwal was able to obtain intelligence about likely reconnaissance activity of a hardcore terrorist. The terrorist was to lead a group for conduct of a major attack on own post on the line of control. Maj Lingwal led his troop through mine fields ahead of own defences and laid multiple ambushes for protracted period.

In July 2018, he took his party out towards the Line of Control for a long duration operation. His team remained in hide, without any signature of their presence. One afternoon, he observed terrorists approaching own posts. He alerted his troop and started closing in towards the terrorist. Displaying outstanding field craft and nerves of steel, he maintained surprise till the end and soon had a close firefight with the terrorists. Unmindful of the volley of bullets and grenades, Major Rohit Lingwal crawled towards the terrorists and the terrorist leader was shot dead at close quarters. His action thwarted a major hostile action on own troops.

For displaying most conspicuous gallantry, outstanding leadership and meticulous planning and perseverance, in eliminating the hardcore terrorist leader, Major Rohit Lingwal is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA.”