Paris. 14 June 2024. Musthane, a French SME, has invented a new device to increase the survivability of military vehicles by protecting the sidewalls of tires while performing their camouflage.
The sidewall of a tire is the most fragile area on a wheel. In conflict zones, the tearing of tire sidewalls is the cause of the majority of punctures, potentially leading to vehicle immobilisation. Moreover, changing a wheel is expensive and can be difficult in forward area configurations.
Solutions exist on the market that involve removing the wheel to install a protection. Most of the time the existing solutions generate undesired side effects such as accumulation of stones or mud between the protection and the tire.

Seven years of research and development have been necessary to design a high-performance composite made device that provides effective protection and camouflage for military tire sidewalls. This solution can be set up in less than five minutes by 2 people without dismounting the wheel. The patent pending Mustmove Tire Sidewall Protection automatically eliminates any foreign bodies that might get between the tire and the device. This self-cleaning is enhanced by the robustness of the innovation conferring more resistance to external aggression. The shape memory property of this new product allows it to deform in extreme situations and then return to its initial shape by even pushing obstacles such as heavy stones. Finally this innovative device improves the camouflage of the vehicle by reducing the thermal signature of the wheels.

This solution is definitely a MUST HAVE for all military vehicles!