real time digital surveillance equipment forArmy AviationNew Delhi. 16 August 2022. Considering the present situation along the China border the need for maintaining a very high degree of operational readiness was imperative to cater to situations, which may emerge without prior warning. Accordingly, a need was felt to provide Forces in the forward areas with real time digital surveillance capability along the borders. ALH Mk III (Dhruv) and ALH (WSI) (Rudra) helicopters of Army Aviation developed and produced by HAL, equipped with Electro Optic Pod for undertaking reconnaissance & surveillance missions and Post Strike Damage Assessment. For these surveillance devices to be effectively utilized it must have a downlink and airborne recording facility.

This void was overcome for Army Aviation helicopters by M/s Exicom Technologies(India) LLP by providing a very robust and operational radio link which can provide real time picture of operations, reconnaissance and surveillance of an area of interest to the field force commanders. Ex 7100 Secure Downlink System will provide real time link for transmission of video imagery and audio data to enable target detection, recognition, identification and accurate location of adversary’s mortars / guns, movement of troops and vehicles during border management tasks and active operations. The equipment has already been contracted by the Indian Army is currently being made operational in forward bases of Indian Army Aviation.