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Cairo. 01 December 2021. The Egyptian Armed Forces disclosed on Monday29/11/2021 its recently produced drone dubbed “Nut” as it is exhibited at Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX 2021).

“Nut”, which is named after Ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, can carry up to 65 kilograms of weight and hide from satellites, as indicated while President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi was inspecting the Egyptian pavilion.

Egypt is also exhibiting military vehicles, including armored ones; surface-to-surface missiles; surface-to-air missiles; small, medium, and heavy arms ammunition; and, anti-submarine missiles.

Further, the Egyptian pavilion comprises border surveillance systems; torpedoes; police watercraft; tugboats; and, military goggles enabling long-distance and night visions. What’s more, the Egyptian Armed Forces have a Russia-accredited center that can carry out maintenance for helicopters and engines of fighter jets.

EDEX 2021 houses the pavilions of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, United States and South Korea among others. More than 300 companies belonging to 18 countries, including Egypt, are exhibiting their products at EDEX 2021, which is visited by 76 foreign military delegations.

EDEX 2021 kicked off in Cairo Monday as it was inaugurated by President Sisi who welcomed foreign military commanders and delegations attending the event taking place until December 2.