Rio de Janeiro. 06 April 2019. The Brazilian Navy (MB), represented by the Commander of the 2nd Naval District (Com2ºDN ), Vice Admiral Marcelo Francisco Campos, signed a contract with the Brazilian company DGS Defense for the acquisition of two fast-action ballistic protection boats that will be used in patrolling activities in All Saints Bay and nearby.

The vessels will also be able to increase the inspection of internal waters and the fight against transboundary and environmental crimes in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the 2nd Naval District Command, composed of the states of Bahia, Sergipe and part of Minas Gerais.

As a result of the cooperation agreements and agreements signed by MB with governmental agencies, such as the Military Police of the State of Bahia, the Civil Police, the Federal Police and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), the Navy already has been acting in the logistical support in the area of ​​public security in the State of Bahia. After the signing of the contract, the forecast of delivery of the boats is 240 days. According to Admiral Campos, the acquired vessels “will facilitate the operation with more efficiency, which will allow society to have better services in the area of ​​security.”

The maritime area under jurisdiction of the Com2ºDN has specific characteristics, marked by shallow waters, presence of high bottoms and, mainly, stones. Such situations pose a risk and require vessels with low draft, reinforced hull, endowed with superior resistance to impacts. Thus, the Hybrid Rigid Tubular Vessels (ETRH) project, presented by the Brazilian company, was considered suitable for seaworthiness in the sea waters surrounding the Com2ºDN, and is advantageous in relation to other types of vessels, mainly in terms of resistance to mechanical shock, hull incrustation, maintenance requirements, warranty time and longer life (long life cycle).

In addition, a fact that adds great advantage is that the system of shielding of the ships composes the project of the same, and is not a mere adaptation.

In addition to the characteristics of the boats, the choice of the company DGS Defense emerges as timely and adequate for the execution and conclusion of the acquisition, due to the relevant legislation and in force, which establishes the obligation of the yard to have authorization from the Brazilian Army to carry out activities with armor .