Le Bourget. 19 June  2017. MiG Corporation  plans to hold series of talks with interested foreign partners, and will present the Corporation’s flagship MiG-29K / KUB complexes and the newest MiG-35 aircraft. In addition, the company will demonstrate its interactive holographic visualization system, part of the flight technical training package offered to foreign customers by MiG Corporation along with the product shipments.

“Preliminary discussions, which we plan to hold in the framework of the air show in Paris, allow us to hope that in two or three years we will come up with specific orders that will allow us to ship this product not only for the Russian Air Force, but also for our traditional international partners”, – said Ilya Tarasenko, Director General of RAC MiG.

“We also believe that the MiG-35 can become a great alternative to any foreign complexes of the 4-5th generation aircrafts, which potential buyers are considering today. First of all, this is due to our readiness to ensure the deployment of the service infrastructure, as well as the localization of manufacturing, in the case of the implementation of major projects.”, he was quoted as saying.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier announced the launch of flight tests of the MiG-35 aircraft. The world premiere of the aircraft to potential buyers of more than 30 countries took place in the beginning of the year. It is expected, that the first MiG-35 shipments may start after it passes all Russian Defense Ministry tests.

“All key components of the newest MiG-35 are manufactured in Russia. Therefore, we can guarantee to any customer that there will be no technical failures in the operation of our equipment regardless of any unfavorable political developments, “Deputy Director General of RAC MiG Viktor Chernov stated.