By Sangeeta Saxena

New Delhi. 16 April 2024. With an aim to  boost India’s Prospects for Defence in Space, the Indian Space Association is organising a joint summit which is aimed at advancing India’s plans and capabilities in military space. Some important areas of focus will be boosting satellite communications and space domain awareness, providing military operations with dependable communication networks and strong situational awareness, unlocking partnerships and funding,  navigating the financial environment and creating international partnerships with purpose to support space ambitions. An important question which looms large is should there be a Unified Defence Space Strategy where military space goals should sync with national space strategy?

​A broad range of topics will be covered by the symposium, such as an overview of global government spending on defence space, the institutional evolution and modernization of defence establishments from a space perspective, procurement and the exposure of defence space demand to local industry, emerging key technologies that will impact defence space, and the lessons and effects of using space power. But for this it is also important to understand the space of Space in India.

The Indian private space industry is successfully developing through collaboration, and ISpA is the leading non-profit industry body dedicated to this goal. In order to serve as a liaison between the public and private sectors, ISpA was established as the exclusive voice of the private space industry.
In order to make India self-sufficient, technologically advanced, and a major player in the global space arena, ISpA will engage in policy advocacy, engage and operate with all stakeholders, and act as a catalyst for accelerating the exchange of knowledge, information, and technology of space-related domains among all stakeholders of the entire Indian Space ecosystem, including the government and its agencies.

Collaborate with all parties involved to establish a conducive atmosphere for bolstering the private sector within the Indian space industry. India’s position in the space ecosystem will be elevated to the forefront of the world according to ISpA. The Prime Minister’s vision of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” is echoed by ISpA.

To perform an all encompassing role for the entire Space Domain, ISpA aims to be an Advocate and Facilitator for the participation, growth and capacity building of the private as well as public industry in India’s Space domain. Towards this, ISpA will engage with the Indian Government; regulatory bodies; national and international bodies; and other stakeholders as well as participate in formulating effective; efficient and appropriate policies; and, regulatory frameworks for:-

  • Ease of Doing Business and Policy Stability
  • Advocacy for easy Availability, Accessibility, Affordability and Efficient Utilization of Space Resources.
  • Encourage and Facilitate all Space Domain Activities
  • Fostering Awareness and Promotion


  • Satellite-based Communication Services including Satellite Broadband Connectivity.
  • Design, Manufacture, Launch, Operate and R&D
  • Satellites; Launch Vehicles; Payloads; Ground & Space Control Systems; and, Testing & Scientific Equipment.

Applications and Services

  • Space-based Navigation; Geospatial & Remote Sensing; Situational Awareness; Space Infrastructure Security and Protection; Scientific Explorations; Astronomy; Testing & Certification; and, Others.
  • Capacity Building
  • Awareness, Education, Knowledge Sharing and Skilling.
  • Promote and Collaborate
  • Technology, Infrastructure, Investments, and Innovation.

International Partnerships

  • Enhance and Strengthen Co-operation of International partners with Indian Space Industry.
  • Engage with global institutions on Space related issues including policy matters.

The Indian Space Association announced the formation of the National Advisory Committee  on 12 July 2022. The NAC has been set up to provide strategic vision, guidance and mentoring to ISpA in the execution of its role as the premier Space Industry Body of India, to strengthen India’s Space Ecosystem to make India, a “Global Space Power” in alignment with the vision of the Prime Minister. The NAC works as an advisory body to ISpA for suggesting goals and milestones for achieving ISpA’s Vision as well as highlighting issues that merit attention.

The Committee members comprise eminent professionals with a track record of distinguished service. They hail from multi-sectoral backgrounds which includes, Academia, Bureaucracy, Defence, Industry, Technology, and Space. ISpA also invites Serving Government Officers to attend NAC proceedings as Special Invitees, to seek their expert opinion on a case-to-case basis.

Getting back to the event which will start on 18th April at Manekshaw Centre will brainstorm every aspect of India as a Space Power, marching ahead slowly but steadily, in addition to “Mission DefSpace” challenges, taking into account significant feedback from industry and stakeholders in order to advance the National Space strategy. It also seeks to investigate India’s aspirations in the field of space travel, with an emphasis on disruptive technologies, innovation, and thought leadership.