• LOI signed  with US based Mallard Enterprises

Bodrum, Turkey. 23 April 2024. Mavi Air, a Bodrum based aviation tourism operator announces the signing of a LOI for four Mallard ME-1A Amphibious Aircraft with Mallard Enterprises following the Singapore Airshow. Mavi Air was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurial friends with two helicopters and a vision to create a company that would provide a true VIP-level experience not previously offered in the aviation tourism industry. With its unmatched customer service, the finest aircraft, the most skilled pilots, the highest safety standards, and unique excursions, Mavi Air is an industry leader in tourism- based operations. Mavi Air operates its fleet of VIP aircraft throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

“Mavi Air is expanding its operations to provide round-the-year regional air connectivity between Turkey, Greece, and Italy with 4 Mallard ME-1A Aircraft. We are aggressive in aviation and tourism with a bullish forecast in the tourism sector within the three countries” said Alex Sahni, founder of Mavi Air.

The ME-1A is a regional amphibious airplane, which can land and take-off from land or water, with a standard seating capacity of up to 19 passengers offering low emissions, low noise pollution, faster speed, and low operating costs. It will have a range of over 350 nautical miles (648 kilometres) with 19 passengers and luggage and an extended range of 980 nautical miles (1815 kilometres) with a 10 passenger VIP configuration, all including typical airline reserves.

“This new generation ME-1A amphibious aircraft of the 21st century design will provide reliable, economical, and environmentally sustainable connectivity solutions for our customers. Mavi Air’s expansion with Mallard ME-1A’s spaciously configured 10-12 luxurious VIP seats will contribute to the growth of tourism in the region, offering travellers a unique and efficient way to explore the Mediterranean coast through regional connectivity”, said Mohan Chunduri, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mallard Enterprises .

“As a leading aviation eco-tourism company, we’re really excited to be part of the Mavi Air’s commitment to offer the ultimate on-demand door-to-door VIP experience” said Dan Peabody, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mallard Enterprises. “The ME-1A, with its competitive economics, amphibious capability, speed, and green credentials, fits very well with Mavi Air’s vision, and we see not only the opportunity to connect many existing regional routes, but also open many more new ones.”