By Sangeeta Saxena

Le Bourget. 25 June 2017. As always it took off in style. French President Macron flew into the show aboard an Airbus A400M , traditional rivals Boeing and Airbus held back to back announcement briefings  in their show of one-upmanship over raining orders, the lesser ones like Bombardier, Embraer and ATR put their fast feet forward to outdo each other in marketing  and selling while the static displays had the cynosure of all eyes- the flying car .

$ 150 billion worth of orders including, 897 orders and purchasing commitments for a catalogue value of 115 billion USD, for a total of 934 commercial aircraft , despite the slight drop in the number of visitors and a steep rise in the temperature made Paris International Airshow the place to be in . 2 381 exhibitors (3% more than in 2015) from 48 countries (the same as in 2015), 322 000 visitors (8% fewer) split between the trade 142 000 visitors (6% fewer than in 2015) and  180 000 visitors (10% fewer than in 2015), all add to the premier performances in the skies.