Air Tanzania Trainee Pilots

New Delhi/ Gurugram . 14 November 2019. India’s aviation market is growing steadily and is expected to become the third largest in the world by 2024. This growth is creating a demand for trained pilots. FSTC  (Flight Simulation Technique Centre) is one of the leading pilot training institutes in the country and is now extending its capabilities to the training of pilots from various regional airlines.

FSTC has become the training institute of choice with pilots from South East Asia and Africa region due to its new state-of-the-art Level D simulators as well as its qualified pool of instructors. FSTC also supports these international pilots with their travel and accommodation with its local tie-ups. 

FSTC training pilots

 FSTC recently conducted training sessions with pilots from Air Tanzania, Nok Air and Biman Bangladesh. These were very successful and the pilots were highly satisfied with the overall training facility including the quality of instructors and are keen to grow their future training footprints with FSTC.