Cirrus Under Canopy
                                 Cirrus Under Canopy

Hyderabad, March 19, 2016. In aviation as in life, things don’t always go according to plan. That’s the concept behind airbags in automobiles and parachutes on airplanes – a simple contingency plan, a new innovation indeed.

 Cirrus Aircraft, a modern aircraft, fully equipped with parachute was on static display at India Aviation Show.2016. The aircraft with a very good cruise range and suitable for remote connectivity was flown in especially from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad. 

 Cirrus Aircraft is the first and the only one  certified aircraft with parachute. It is certified by Director General of Civil Aviation and very soon will be delivering its first aircraft.


This US-based aircraft manufacturer, is seeking to tap potential in India with its “Plane with the parachute.” Unlike planes where people use parachutes to descend safely during crisis, here, the plane itself descends with parachute opening up. This makes it secure and safe for those undergoing training as pilots and also those on board.

 The company is targeting Indian pilot training institutions, army, airforce and navy with its new generation planes with parachutes. Cirrus displayed its aircraft fully equipped with a parachute. Cirrus Aircraft is widely recognised leader in aviation innovation, first with the Citrus SR Series and more recently, the Vision SF50 Personal Jet and Cirrus Perception, a new reconfigurable “Sensor-Capable” special Mission Aircraft. 

 Jon Dauplaise, Director Emerging Markets, Cirrus, said, “This was the first and the only certified aircraft with parachute. The aircraft has been certified by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The company plans to shortly deliver their first single engine jet certified parachute. The plane is ideal for training pilots and use in defence.”

 The company is known for innovation in aviation sector with Cirrus SR-series, the Vision SF50 personal jet and Cirrus Perception-A new reconfigurable “Sensor capable Special mission aircraft.” The special mission aircraft can be quickly converted from standard aircraft to an advanced observation platform.

 Sanjay Kumar of SRK Aviacom said, “They have been chosen to serve as a local sales partner for Cirrus. SRK is one of the providers of flight simulators in India and facilitates aircraft and helicopter sales. It recently added new vertical in association with Cirrus.”

 The special five-seater small executive aircraft, which costs about Rs 3-5 crore comes with an inbuilt parachute facility which can carry the entire frame in case of an emergency. Cirrus is presenting the aircraft as suitable for pilots training, personnel travel, weather forecasting, disaster management and surveillance.

 Cirrus India is promoted by SRK Aviacom (I) Pvt. Ltd.  SRK Aviacom is one of the leading providers of flight simulators in India.