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Posts tagged as “Kim Jong Un”

Is the power centre changing in North Korea?

Kim  Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong taking Pyongyang’s decisions By Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. 12 July 2020. It seems powers that  be in Pyongyang…

Calm before the storm with Trump in Japan?

By Suresh Somu Bangkok. 31 May 2019. Japan and the United States of America may be good buddies but in the latest visit by President…

The long shot at peace mission in Hanoi fails

Trump & Kim fail to shake hands finally By Suresh Somu Hanoi. 28 February 2019. For President Donald Trump meeting one of the world’s most…

ADU wishes the nation a very happy Navy Day. We are safe on ground because our Navy is in the waters. Salute to the Indian Navy.