• RAFAEL’s local partners & subsidiaries will be showcasing a number of advanced systems.

RAFAEL India is Showcasing its Systems at Aero India 2023Bangalore. 11 February 2023. RAFAEL is proud to have local partners and subsidiaries, such as its partnered Indian based companies Kalyani-Rafael (KRAS) and Astra-Rafael (ARC) with whom RAFAEL has joint ventures, presenting a selection of innovative defense solutions at the Aero India conference taking place next week, February 13th to 17th.

Through our partners, state-of-the-art systems can be produced in India independently by KRAS and ARC, allowing for the transfer of technology, know-how, and active support of the local industry, and Indian economy. After decades in India, RAFAEL continues its long-term effort to invest in the supply of advanced defense systems to the Indian market. RAFAEL’s heritage in innovation through significant investment in R&D ensures that our technology and our customers are using the most effective means to defend their most valued assets and support the local industry. We are constantly seeking to improve these technologies and strengthen our

RAFAEL India is Showcasing its Systems at Aero India 2023Systems showcased at conference include I-Derby Missiles, RecceLite Reconnaissance Pods, Litening Advanced Targeting Pods, the SPICE Family of Air-to-Surface Missiles, the SPIKE Missile Family, and the BNET Tactical Communications system. Likewise, advanced versions of both Litening and RecceLite pods will be presented together with our local partners.

“I would like to say with great pride that Rafael has a rich legacy here – with 25 years of work in India. Throughout that time we have successfully delivered a variety of advanced systems and solutions in several different spheres and services. Systems that are combat proven on a wide variety of platforms. We are proud to see some of these systems still in active, operational use even 20 years later. This serves as a clear example of not only our history in India and alongside our Indian counterparts; It also conveys the deep and firm commitment to maintain this longstanding association and partnership.”

– Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yoav Har-Even, President & CEO of RAFAEL