WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. 11 June 2019. ITT Inc.’s. Enidine and Aerospace Control brands will showcase their diverse portfolio of aviation solutions at the 2019 International Paris Air Show, June 17-23, at the Exhibition Center of Le Bourget near Paris, France.

ITT Enidine and Aerospace Controls offer the highest quality engineered products for both commercial aviation and critical aerospace applications. ITT’s diversified portfolio of products features a wide range of solutions — from in-flight experience, including increased passenger comfort, ease-of-use, increased noise attenuation and vibration control, to more mission-critical solutions for air, temperature and fuel management systems.

“ITT’s legacy of innovative motion control solutions and reliable aircraft component manufacturing has a proven track record of high-performance in the most demanding applications, all supporting a safe and comfortable flight experience for passengers and crew,” said Stephen Kim, Chief Technology Officer of ITT’s Connect and Control Technologies business. “Our diverse proprietary technologies offer the highest quality engineered products for critical aerospace and commercial aviation applications meeting high-demand requirements from our customers for smaller, lighter and high-performance solutions engineered to operate reliably and efficiently.”

At the International Paris Air Show, ITT Enidine and Aerospace Controls will feature a variety of in-flight control solutions, including:

  • Load-Sensing Stowbin Rate Control Solutions – ITT Enidine’s Load Compensating Rate Controls (LCRC) require less than 25 pounds of hand force to close a fully loaded stowage bin and allow for easier passenger access to baggage. They provide lift assist, anti-slamming control and smooth deployment for passengers and crew, while compensating for bins loaded up to 100 pounds.
  • Interior Noise Control Solutions – ITT Enidine engineers will present the latest innovations in cabin noise control products for interior side and floor panels, overhead stowage bin and auxiliary equipment designed to reduce noise at specific frequencies while maintaining lightweight characteristics.
  • Noise Control – ITT Aerospace Controls include highly engineered silencers and acoustic treatments for APU inlets and exhausts with various noise control components, silencers and acoustic materials. All solutions are custom designed to reduce noise at specific frequencies.
  • Seat Recline Technology – ITT Enidine’s UltraLoc™ products provide a new standard in seat recline technology. With superior tensile load capacity and availability in variable or fixed positions, these seat locks provide versatile and dependable performance.
  • Freeze and Ice Protection – ITT Aerospace Controls’ comprehensive freeze and ice protection solutions include waste and water freeze protection, ram air inlet, wing and tail ice protection, propeller de-icing, drain masts and air and surface heaters.
  • Fuel Management Systems  – ITT Aerospace Controls’ comprehensive solutions portfolio includes highly engineered pumps, valves, switches and actuators for fuel management systems. Butterfly valves, which help with fuel efficiency, come in low weight valves for high volume, low-pressure requirements.