senior Military officialsSingapore. 02 November 2018. Indian Naval Ship Rana of the Visakhapatnam based Eastern Fleet on overseas deployment to South East Asia arrived Singapore on 01 November 18. During the four day visit to Singapore, various activities such as official calls to senior Military officials, cross deck visits, community service, ship open to visitors, official visit to Integrated Fusion Centre / Naval museum and social interactions are scheduled.

Strategic PartnershipThe close ties between India and Singapore have a history rooted in strong commercial, cultural and people to people links. This robust relationship between the two nations was elevated to ‘Strategic Partnership’ in Nov 2015 and Defence co-operation has been a significant pillar in this partnership.

Regional Maritime Information Exchange (REMIX)With a joint aim to ensure seamless Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) through optimal utilisation of limited resources at sea, both countries have already signed a Technical Agreement to share white shipping information and are also a part of the multilateral construct Regional Maritime Information Exchange (REMIX).

Singapore NavySingapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX) and IMDEX between both countries are a regular phenomenon and this visit is a precursor to 25th edition of SIMBEX being scheduled in India from 10 – 21 Nov 18. The silver jubilee of the SIMBEX series exercises is likely to witness greater complexity and interoperability. The current deployment will contribute towards the Indian Navy’s efforts to build mutual confidence and trust and forge stronger bonds of friendship with the Singapore Navy.