• The future of air transport is hypersonic

air transportThe Paris-Le Bourget International Air Show, from 19 to 25 June, will mark a major new milestone for Destinus. From Monday 19 June, the startup will be unveiling its 3rd full-scale demonstrator, Destinus-3, on its stand in Statique A8.

It will stand alongside Jungfrau/ Destinus-1 and Eiger/ Destinus-2, the first 2 demonstrators to have already successfully flown subsonic.

Mikhail Kokorich, founder and CEO of Destinus, and the team present, would be extremely honoured to welcome you to the Destinus booth for a presentation on the specifics of the demonstrators and to outline the next major steps for the start-up.

Destinus stand location: Static A8

On site, it will be possible to take photos, film and interview with an English or French spokesperson.

Destinus, a European start-up company Since Destinus was founded in Switzerland in 2021 by physicist and serial entrepreneur Mikhail Kokorich, the European start-up’s teams have made great strides, flying two demonstrators to test their aerodynamics and conducting hydrogen afterburner tests on the ground and, more recently, in flight.

The aim is to develop a hypersonic aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen and the associated infrastructure. Destinus’ ambition is to accelerate the transformation of the air transport industry by considerably shortening intercontinental travel times and reducing carbon emissions.