Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 23 May 2023. Whether you’re booking for a new semester or celebrating your achievements for results, if you’re an Indian student between the ages 13-26, you might want to consider Malaysia Airlines’ MHexplorer program. As Malaysia’s full-service premier international airline, Malaysia Airlines has expanded the scope of this program for the upcoming academic year, allowing more Indian students to benefit from its offerings.

• Malaysia Airlines has expanded its program MHexplorer for Indian students aged between 13-26 for the upcoming academic year

• The program makes it easier for Indian students studying in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to commence their academic journey away from home

• Students can apply for the program on the airline’s website by uploading a copy of their student ID

• Benefits for students include a special baggage allowance of up to 10kgs, one complimentary date change, access to Enrich’s lifestyle privileges and benefits, extended promotions for friends and family, and shopping discounts

• Students who study abroad get the chance to experience life in a foreign country, learn about different cultures, and explore neighbouring countries with additional discounts on group travels under the MHexplorer program