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Myanmar signs peace accord with rebel groups

New Delhi. By Brig.VK Atray (Retd.) & Sangeeta Saxena . 15th October,2015. The battle is half won but could be a step towards completion. It is…

Re-Drawal of the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean

·         Major Gain for India on Global Maritime Stage ·         To Save About Rs. 1500 crore per Annum for Merchant Ships New Delhi. The International…

Indian Airforce turns 83 with élan and pride

By Brig. VK Atray (Retd.) & Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi.  8th  October. Amidst high-altitude jump by sky divers of the Akash Ganga team which took…

ADU wishes the nation a very happy Navy Day. We are safe on ground because our Navy is in the waters. Salute to the Indian Navy.