Vladimir Onokoy,Technical Advisor, Kalashnikov Media Briefing To Chaitali Bag, ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video).

Kalashnikov Enterprises is the largest arms manufacturer in Russia. At IDEX 2019 we are presenting the latest collection of Kalashnikov rifles, the AK200 and AK15K, with the same legendary reliability,

A Lot of people don’t really know that Kalashnikov is not just about firearms, if you just follow me you’ll be able to see some new products that we have launched.

Let me tell you something about our new  product line for example is our body warmer, equipped for overly cold weather, it’s already used by Russian Special Forces and is regarded very highly, it’s high quality and purposefully and also there are a lot of different  companies like that working under the name of Collector Kalashnikov, for example, one of the most famous is Zala Aero, which is the company manufacturing and designing unmanned aerial aircrafts and UAVs for vertical takeoff and landing and so they’re used in many different purposes, both military purposes and defence purposes, even for example wildlife preservation, surveillance of the gas pipelines so you can see that Kalashnikov enterprise, right now is not just firearms, there are many different Russian companies under one branch and the company keeps developing and branching out into new industries.