New Delhi. 02 October 2020. During the current pandemic management, medical resources are under extreme strain. However, Indian Army is committed to ensure quality medicare to veterans. A number of veterans and families are presently under treatment in Service hospitals pan-India.

No ECHS member who is entitled treatment in Service Hospital are being denied admission when referred by the ECHS polyclinic. ECHS members who are refused admission by any empanelled hospital will be admitted to Service Hospital.

It is being ensured that there is no delay in conduct of emergency investigation or lifesaving treatment pending COVID-19 test. In addition, Cardiology and Orthopaedic cases can now be referred to empanelled hospitals (for duration of COVID-19 pandemic) apart from Service Hospitals.       

Any denial of admission by empanelled hospitals may be intimated to OIC Polyclinics and Regional Centres. ECHS members in Delhi NCR region may contact Joint Director (HS) Regional Centre I (9690233059) or Joint Director (HS) Regional Centre II (8342092824).