Melbourne. 6 Dec. 2022. Eve Air Mobility (“Eve”) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Volatus Infrastructure, LLC, to supply a vertiport automation solution that will support traffic management of future electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management (“UATM”) software solution will be used to improve the capacity and efficiency of Volatus’ vertiports.

“Eve’s new vertiport software solution will enable Volatus to ensure safe, reliable and
efficient eVTOL flight operations,” said Grant Fisk, Volatus Infrastructure Co-Founder. “It’s
vitally important to get these systems up and running so that when the FAA approves the first
eVTOL vehicle, we are ready to serve them. Together, we are laying a rock-solid foundation
that the UAM industry will be building upon for decades.”

“In addition to developing a new eVTOL, Eve has become a recognized leader in the
development of the infrastructure and ecosystem needed to enable the safe and efficient
operation of eVTOLs around the world,” said Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve. “This new
software system will be specifically designed to support and maximize the capacity and
efficiency of vertiports versus modifying existing software that was designed for other
purposes. This supports our strategy of not only developing an eVTOL, but also providing a
comprehensive suite of services and support. By developing a Vertiport Automation software
for Volatus, we will help support the efficient operation and growth of the industry.”
Eve’s UATM software is an agnostic solution that will enable the integration of all airspace
users in the urban environment. This is critical to support the safety, efficiency, and
improvement of the entire UAM ecosystem, including fleet and vertiport operators. This new
collaboration reinforces a shared commitment to safely integrating and scaling global UAM