Mumbai, 19 May 2020: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) for the last 15 years endorses its motto of Atithi Devo Bhava,” to cater to the delight of its passengers, and stands true to its vision to this day. CSMIA understand that Covid-19 has taken an emotional and mental toll in the lives of the passengers and thus are taking all the necessary measures to help boost positivity, improve the overall wellbeing, and bring a breath of fresh air to comfort passengers, once operations resume. The airport is leaving no stone unturned to nurture, maintain and enhance more than 76,000 sq.mts of green landscape area sprawling across 19 acres which is the most extensive airport garden in India. Furthermore, the maintenance staff is adhering to the safety norms directed by the Government to maintain the green belts, which will not only soothe passengers but make the airport a safe and hygienic passage to transit.

CSMIA understands that anxious travellers will benefit and rejuvenate from the green environment at the airport and is thus working relentlessly with a curtailed workforce to maintain the greenery. The airport’s incorporation of the indoor garden has always helped weary passengers reduce stress and boost positivity. The bold, vibrant colours and fragrant shrubs will help delight and soothe anxious passengers during this unprecedented time. CSMIA has always been technologically advanced and updated with the latest technology, which includes automated pressurised irrigation systems that cover 80% of the total area that has helped make amends for the curtailed staff and ensure smooth functioning. Since the beginning, the airport has always undertaken and implemented different measures to maintain safe and hygienic passage for passengers to travel and continues to do so to assist passengers with high-quality standards even after the outbreak of the pandemic subsides.

CSMIA adheres to the norms of the Government in the view of the coronavirus outbreak by following several guidelines and mandatory standard operating procedures at the airport. Out of 80 gardeners who used to work on a typical day, a team of minimal landscape gardeners, horticulturists, irrigation engineers from CSMIA have been deployed to water, repair and nurture the lush greenery all while maintaining social distance and following SOPs in place at the airport. The gardeners, irrigation technician and other maintenance staff work for approx. 5 to 6 hours daily and travel from nearby areas of the airport. Furthermore, GVK MIAL has associated with the BEST services, which are extending support for a smooth transfer of the staff from across different zones in Mumbai. In coordination with the Police department, special passes have been issued for facilitating the employees to commute to the airport safely.

Despite all the challenges, CSMIA is conserving the environment and maintaining the environmental surrounding at and around the airport. A significant component of Terminal 2 is the in-situ planting, green walls, and water features within and around the building. In India, this is the first Integrated Terminal with in-situ indoor planting at all levels. The landscaping at the airport, which purifies the air and provides passengers with calmness and tranquillity has played a significant role in helping the airport to acquire the prestigious LEEDS and IGBC certification.