• LAAD 2019 moves the relationship between the suppliers of the defense industrial base and the public and corporate security sector 

Rio de Janeiro. 03 April 2019. The investments announced in the renewal of the Brazilian Navy fleet – such as the bidding for the construction of four new corvettes of the Project Tamandaré – aroused the immediate interest of companies from Brazil and the world. And it should be reflected in the 12th edition of LAAD Defense & Security, which takes place from April 2 to 5 in Rio de Janeiro, as it is the focus of attention of suppliers seeking new commercial partnerships with the Brazilian Navy and also with the other two forces armed forces: the Army and the Air Force.

The trade fair brings together more than 450 national and international brands, receives support and is attended by authorities of the three Armed Forces, as well as representatives of police forces and executives of the defense and security industry. For this reason it attracts companies like Thyssenkrupp, Embraer Defense & Security, Ezute Foundation, SKM Electronic Electronics, Ares Aerospace and Defense, Damen Shipyards, Saab, Consub Defense and Technology, DGS Defense, Logsub, among others already confirmed.

Exhibitors – In order to win clients in LAAD 2019, DGS Defense, a shipbuilding shipyard, is committed to a new class of tactical craft developed for border patrol. “The DGS 888 RAPTOR MK2 has essential features for patrolling missions such as speed, autonomy, ballistic protection, high detection capability and target tracking regardless of the visibility conditions and of course firepower. In the use of armaments, the vessel is built with infrastructure to receive a remotely controlled weapons station in its bow, which lends the vessel a surgical accuracy of shot, “says the director of DGS Defense, Fuad Gatti Kouri.

The company also seeks to navigate international markets. Last month, DGS Defense Corp, the arm of the DGS Group, began operations in the United States. For Kouri, the presence in LAAD Defense & Security is a basic requirement for brands that intend to design services and products in the defense and security sectors. “LAAD allows great visibility in the national and international sphere and the possibility of direct contact between the company and the clients, in the most varied levels, a fact difficult to occur in the day to day,” he explains.

Who also wants to take advantage of the visibility promoted by LAAD Defense & Security is Logsub. The director of the company, Armando Repinaldo, points out that the fair is an open space to highlight the success stories of Logsub and that facilitated access to high patents of the Brazilian Navy and other countries is an opportunity to encourage partnerships. 

He believes that the current political landscape should contribute to unlocking the ongoing budget constraints faced by the military over the past few years. “Some Brazilian Navy projects that are frozen and include repairing submarines, for example, are already in the planning stage for the bidding. The naval force has also indicated the intention to build a polar ship and renew the submarine rescue system, “he says.

This last item is one of Logsub’s targets. In partnership with the Scottish JFD (James Fisher Defense), the proposal is to build in Brazil with local content a modular submarine rescue system that is transported by air. “The model is one of the most modern in the world consisting of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) underwater intervention capable of interacting with the hull of the wrecked submarine. The Australian Navy and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have systems based on the same concept, “Repinaldo explains. 

The Rescue System through a Submarine Rescue Bell (SRS), which is the current Brazilian Navy, does not have the flexibility and capacity to service the new submarine force that will include a nuclear submarine, according to the director of Logsub.