Maj Gen Praveen Dixit, SM, VSM**, Retd
Maj Gen Praveen Dixit, SM, VSM**, Retd

New Delhi. 07 November 2021. After the success of its Wargame on Corporatisation of OFB in Aug 21, Insighteon Consulting is continuing with its journey of creativeness and innovativeness and is all set to host a War-game on Future Dynamics Influencing Submarine Acquisition by India on 11 & 12 Nov 21.

Maj Gen P Dixt, SM, VSM**, Retd, Director Insighteon Trooper, in an exclusive interview with Aviation & Defence Universe (ADU) explained that “as the changed geo-political situation has once again brought to the fore the role of naval power in modern military strategy, the Indian Government as a major initiative towards ‘Make in India’, has launched its first acquisition programme under the Strategic Partnership Model for construction of six AIP fitted Conventional Submarines named Project 75(India) [P-75(I)] for the Indian Navy. This is a major attempt by India to bolster its submarine force and expand its carrier battle groups to substantiate its reputation as a regional maritime power, and consolidate its reach across the seas from the Horn of Africa to the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea”.

ADU. What is the aim of this Wargame?

Maj Gen P Dixit. The Insighteon war-game aims to better anticipate the future dynamics influencing India’s submarine acquisition initiatives, by playing out stalemate situations and strategic risks/opportunities, and the findings of the war-game are likely to give the stakeholders an insight into futuristic scenarios affecting development/procurement of naval sub surface capability. By bringing diverse experts in the field onboard, we intend to analyse the dynamics and challenges of submarine

manufacturing, as also why an enhanced naval profile is required to strengthen India’s “Act East” policy.

ADU. What was learnt from your previous Wargame, and how are those learnings being incorporated in this Wargame?

Maj Gen P Dixit. The Wargame on Corporatisation of OFB was a huge success and the findings were well received by the Services. Time being less, only two days, what we realised in the previous Wargame was that we need to highlight only the core issues and delve on them at length. Findings need to be such that they can be acted upon, to achieve the goals which have been set for any project. By taking P75(I) as our next subject, this is what we are attempting to achieve; to identify areas where the SPs, OEMs and the NHQ can act upon to ensure that all goals set by the Govt are achieved.

ADU. Why was Project 75(I) taken up as your next subject for the Wargame?

Maj Gen P Dixit. The Strategic Partnership Model (SPM) is a method established under India’s 2020 Defense Acquisition Procedure (DAP) with the goal of encouraging the Indian private defense sector to manufacture four key types of defense equipment: submarines, fighter aircraft, helicopters, and armored fighting vehicles /Main Battle Tanks. With the approval of the proposal to purchase six conventional submarines under Project 75 (I), it is the first case processed under the strategic partnership framework for Make in India projects, resulting in a “tiered industrial ecosystem for submarine construction in India.”

Any firsts involve a lot of interest and discussion, and P 75(I) is a current and challenging project. It was therefore felt that after a detailed analysis of this program, we could come up with findings which would then facilitate the MoD, NHQ & SPs to take this project to its logical conclusion.

As wargaming is an engaging, exciting and energetic experience, and is designed to provide helpful insights for actionable strategic decision-making, Insighteon Consulting is hopeful that with the findings, decision makers will be able to better evaluate their strategies and gain insights into the unknowns.