New Delhi. 22 October 2021. As a major initiative towards ‘Make in India’, Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued Request of Proposal (RFP) for the first acquisition programme under the Strategic Partnership Model for construction of six AIP fitted Conventional Submarines named Project 75(India) [P-75(I)] for the Indian Navy, on July 20, 2021. The RFP was issued to shortlisted Strategic Partners (SPs) or Indian Applicant Companies for the project viz, M/s Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) and M/s Larsen & Toubro (L&T). The project cost is budgeted to be over INR 40,000 crore.

The reality in the Indo-Pacific today has changed substantially with the Chinese Navy visiting new international ports and increasing its bases in the Indian Ocean region. As the centre of gravity of strategic thinking shifts towards the Indo Pacific, India too needs to prepare by getting its naval acquisition plan in order, so as to be recognised as a sea power which can preserve peace and stability in the region. Thus, an enhanced naval profile in South East Asia is required to strengthen India’s “Act East” policy.

The Insighteon war-game aims to better anticipate the future dynamics influencing India’s submarine acquisition initiatives, by playing out stalemate situations and strategic risks/opportunities.

The participants will include retired senior defence officers, diplomats, bureaucrats and industry leaders from the Public Sector and Private sector. The participants will be given war-game appointments to represent all stakeholders.

Business wargaming is an engaging, exciting and energetic experience. Unlike other exercises, wargaming is designed to provide helpful insights for actionable strategic decision-making. With the findings of a war game, decision makers can better evaluate their alternative strategies and recognise hidden opportunities to seize and real threats to blunt. Simulations are the only viable way of gaining insights when there are too many unknowns and too many dimensions of a problem to consider.

Insighteon Consulting continues its journey of creativeness and innovativeness and the findings of the war-game are likely to give the stakeholders an insight into futuristic scenarios affecting development/procurement of naval sub surface capability.

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