Robert Schoeffling Director India Regional Capture Lead International Strategic Development Aircraft Systems, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, INC. in a monologue interview with Sangeeta Saxena Editor ADU at Mast Indo-Asia 2018(Transcribed Video). “I’m Robert Schoeffling and I work for General Atomics Aeronautical and it’s a privilege to be here at India’s very first MAST. MAST is a great venue to help explore new technologies and new products for the Indian armed forces,specifically with General Atomics Aeronautical, we’re here talking about our NQ 9BC guardian, the sea guardian is General Atomics’ latest product. 
It has a world class endurance, world class payload, can carry both weapons and sensors and for Indian navy applications that will be a very good open ocean platform to help India safeguard its coastline and the oceans around.”